Spring has sprung a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow

The translation of idioms and sayings can be tricky and has always been an interesting topic. We were inspired this week when our daughter (little chip off the old block) came home from school and asked me what a 'bobbly' was. It turns out that in her English lesson, she had been taught that a policeman is also known as a 'bobbly'! If children went to England and said some of the things that they have learnt at school, they would not get very far!

Spring is definitely on it's way and our first sunny, happy daffodil appeared this week. This time of year is preparation time for the holiday and activity season. There is always a lot to do, we are as busy as a bee, constantly adding to and improving the properties. There is a charity run organisation nearby where all profits go to helping get people back on their feet. It is located in a few old barns with a large courtyard, literally full of odds and sods (translate that one...!). The mirrors from reclaimed wardrobes are such a little pot of gold. They work well in our holiday villas when repaired and painted and this week we got 12 mirrors, 2 chairs and 2 tables for €35!

It has been raining cats and dogs all week, making it perfect to do some of the internal work. A beautiful his and hers wardrobe has been the project to get stuck into and so far so good, it's looking great! My husband makes it look like a piece of cake! Next week, touch wood, the sun is returning so we can get going in the gardens.

After a busy week, we had a visit to the market, bought some grumpy John Dory for dinner and had a cheeky lunch in a fabulous little bistro in Fontenay-le-Comte called 'le Cap'tain'. They do a tasty steak and roblochon burger, and lovely fish too.  I enjoyed a wok of spiced prawns and chicken - delicious! I use the term 'spiced' loosely as the French definition of this is very different to the English. It doesn't really cut the mustard for us spice-lovers! In for a penny in for a pound, we decided to finish with a cafe gourmand. It's perfect for us as they are happy to cater for families and dogs are welcome, even our silly Rhodesian. The owner is real salt of the earth and makes the place what it is, a dynamic, friendly hang-out that we love to support. He's a good egg, or should I say un bon œuf!