Come and join the renowned 'curry guy' aka dan toombs for a fantastic cookery course in france


Dan Toombs (aka The Curry Guy) has written the hugely popular food blog since 2010. He spent two years cooking and serving his family nothing but Indian food to gain content for the blog. By travelling around the UK, sampling dishes and learning the curry house kitchen secrets he has mastered the art of making British Indian restaurant (BIR) style food at home and made it possible for his 160,000 monthly blog readers to recreate their favourite Indian takeaway dishes.



Dan learned through the comments left on his blog and through social media that many people are terribly let down when they make curries such as chicken korma or a lamb Madras from other cookbooks as they taste nothing like the dishes they experience when they visit a their favourite curry house. They thank him for getting it right.



In 2015, Dan won the prestigious Vuelio Best UK Food & Drink Blog. This led to him writing "The Curry Guy" published by Quadrille Publishing in May 2017. Dan has cooked with some of the best curry house and upmarket Indian chefs in the UK. Through his hands-on course, you will learn first hand how to achieve the now world famous flavour and textures that are the British curry. That's not all! You will also learn to prepare the tandoori meats, seafood and vegetables, as well as the side dishes and starters you expect to see when you visit your local curry house.








Day 2: Morning Class 10am – 12.30pm including lunch

Base Sauce: We will make a large base sauce which will be used to make many of the curries during the three-day class.

Spice Blends: I will demonstrate how to make garam masala (need a spice grinder). In the days leading up to the class, I will make the required spice blends as they are done in the same way. 

Perfect White Rice: I will demonstrate how to make perfect white rice. There isn’t much to do so this will just be a demo. Attendees might be asked to volunteer to make rice during other classes.

Kacumber Salad: Side dish for lunch to be prepared by one or more of attendees.

Home-Style Punjabi Chicken Curry: A recipe from The Curry Guy Easy. This will be lunch and everyone will help make it. Information on using this simple curry to make others like chicken achari and chicken methi will also be discussed.


Day 2: Afternoon Class 4.30pm – 6pm (Dinner and drinks to follow class at a convenient time.) The Curry House Feast!

Naans: Before the class begins, I will make naan dough so that we can make naans to go with dinner in the evening. Anyone who wants to join me can. I’m making the dough earlier so that it has enough time to rise. 

Fried Papadams and sauces. I will make the sauces before everyone arrives but will make time for anyone who wants to have a go. We will get through them!

Onion bhajis and curry house style pakora sauce: This was a big hit last year so we should probably make it all again on day one. 

Curries: We will be making 3 – 4 curry house style curries from books one and/or two. It would be good if we could somehow survey what people want to make before they arrive so we have the correct ingredients on hand. I’m guessing chicken tikka masala, Chicken Jalfrezi, Lamb rogan josh, and a paneer dish. If you want, when writing the class schedule, 

Tarka Dhal: Really easy and straight forward recipe. While we make this recipe, we will also prepare a dhal makhani for the following day.



DAY 3: Morning Class 10am – 12.30pm including lunch

Chicken 65 and salad lunch

Dosa/Idli Batter: We will start preparing the batter for dosas and idlis to be made and eaten on day three. 

Pork Vindaloo Marinade: Start work on authentic Pork Vindaloo to be made and eaten in the evening.

Meat Marinade: We will make marinades for chicken and/or meat. The meat and/or chicken  will marinate overnight to be served on day 3. This will be a really informative session giving people all the info they need to make the perfect tandoori style meats, seafood and vegetables. 

Roasted Masala Popadams: A really easy and healthy side dish for lunch

Chicken 65: This is a quick stir fry that we will be making for lunch.




Day 3: Afternoon Class 4.30pm – 6pm (Dinner and drinks to follow class at a convenient time.)

Authentic Goan Pork Vindaloo: We will make this pork vindaloo from The Curry Guy Easy for dinner. Authentic pork vindaloo has a lot of spices in it but it doesn’t have to be spicy hot. 

Tandoori Meat & Veg: We will fire up the grill and make a tandoori feast to go with the pork vindaloo. This will include a lamb chop recipe with anchovy butter from The Curry Guy Easy.

Dhal Makhani: This dhal needs to cook for at least four hours so I will get it on before the class begins. We will then finish making it in the class for dinner.

Dosa Batter: We will finish the dosa batter so that it can marinate overnight. This is a delicious authentic batter for dosas and idlis. Instant batters are available which I will show in the class but they don’t compare to the real thing!


DAY 4: Morning Class 10am – 12.30pm including lunch

Fish Curry & Chaat Lunch

A selection of sauces: including Mint & Coriander chutney, tamarind Sauce and yoghurt sauce

Aloo Tikki Chaat: This is a delicious and simple recipe from The Curry Guy Easy which we will serve for lunch.

Tandoori Fish Curry: Another recipe from The Curry Guy Easy which I love. For those who don’t like fish, we could cook up some tandoori meats. 

Coriander & Lime Fried Rice: Another from The Curry Guy Easy.








24th-27th of May 2018


We recommend the following flights to work with our transfers


24th May 12.30

London Stansted - La Rochelle



27th May 17.00

La Rochelle - London Stansted



Prices are £499 per person on a first come first served basis.

 Price includes all food and drink at the villa, transfers to and from la rochelle and excursions.

Does not include any FLIGHTS OR meals out, supplement of approx £20 per meal 

All participants will receive a free copy of Dans new book