Sunday Lunch at Jousselin

Having arrived here 12 years ago with two small children, we have been lucky enough to have two more children born in France. Having a young family in a rural area and a foreign country can be lonely, but we have always tried to integrate and enjoy socializing. 


My husband is a keen cook and very talented in my opinion! It is often easier to entertain at home, allowing the children to play and the adults to indulge.... which is what we decided to do last weekend.


The produce that is available is certainly seasonal and took a little getting used.... a roasted crispy whole pork leg was the center piece for our Sunday roast with a few friends. Undeniably delicious, I must admit, it's my favorite! Accompanied by cauliflower cheese with a mixture of beautiful French offerings on the cheese front, dreamy Yorkshire puddings, honey roasted carrots and roast potatoes of course, all coated with a glossy red wine gravy to take it to another level. That is one thing that we have learnt, everyone loves a roast!


Being big foodies has rubbed off on our children and my daughter is a natural. She willingly whipped up a crowd-pleaser for pudding, walnut and chocolate brownies, perfect for a wet windy February Sunday!


We had a mixture of English and French as guests. For the children, who all speak both languages like a native, it makes no difference, but for us adults, some speak only French, some speak only English, some speak both - badly, it's always a little more of a challenge! It came to light that a few phrases in English are most amusing to the French, for example, 'oops a daisy' thought to be charming and suitably polite and 'stop dilly dallying!' no explanation for this one, just very sweet when said with a French accent!

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